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Jul 16


Jessica Lange & Evan Peters | AHS: Freak Show [x]

Jul 13
The ‘Fallen Angel’ Promo was a fucking fake. Loads of sites got taken by the quality of it but it is not the real deal.
Jul 11

AHS: Coven enchanted the Emmys with 17 nominations.
Congratulations to all the nominees! 
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Wes Bentley is getting his Freak on.

The American Beauty actor has landed an arc on American Horror Story: Freak Show, TVLine has learned exclusively.

PHOTO American Horror Story First Look: Sarah Paulson’s Freaky Character(s) Unmasked

Bentley will appear in the show’s two-part Halloween episode (tentatively set to air Oct. 21 and 28) as Eddie, a dark tormentor from Kathy Bates’ past who is hell-bent on revenge.


Jul 8
Wes Bentley joins American Horror Story: Freak Show
Jul 3

Funko’s first American Horror Story POP! Vinyl Figures

The Coven series will include: Misty Day, Myrtle Snow, Marie Laveau, Cordelia Foxx, Papa Legba, and Fiona Goode (still in progress).

There will also be a Rubber Man and Tate Langdon figure from Murder House with hopefully many more on the way from that and some Asylum love if these sell well. They’re heading our way in September. 

Angela Bassett’s character!

Question: Anything on American Horror Story: Freak Show? —Sam
Ausiello: Franchise virgin Michael Chiklis will be playing “a strong man who’s married to Angela Bassett[’s character],” exec producer Ryan Murphy told us at Thursday’s Critics Choice Awards, where he was honored with the Louis XIII Genius Award. “He has scenes with Angela and Jessica Lange and [onscreen ex] Kathy Bates. I love the part because it’s really written to be quite vulnerable, which is something I think Michael does so well – the strong man who’s vulnerable. I’m very excited to see [him] tussle with all those great ladies. And he’s really up for it, really excited about it.”


Jun 24
Michael Chiklis is playing a strong man and he’s married to…

Thomas: Anything on AHS: Freak Show? Cannot believe my queen Sarah Paulson is taking on two roles! Eek!
Freak Show is currently casting a few new roles, including that of the comedic Larry, an extremely, extremely tall man, described as a gentle giant, named Bobby, and Sammy, a role which will require prosthetics…and that’s all we’re revealing right now. (Hey, reporters gotta have their secrets!)

Phoebe: I’m desperate for and American Horror Story: Freak Show spoilers! Got anything for me?!
Agreed! We’re dying to discover more about Freak Show's terrifyingly twisted her characters. In fact, we caught up with star Angela Bassett to find out what’s ahead for the fan favorite actress. “It’s going to be tough, tough, tough to surpass Marie Laveau, it really is. She was truly a special phenomenon,” the former voodoo queen gushed. “All [Ryan] has told me is I’m not the bearded lady, but he said, ‘Oh it’s better! It’s even better than that!’” One hint that Bassett spilled to us about her next character? The powers-that-be at American Horror Story called and asked if the actress was afraid of heights! The actress revealed that she’s up for absolutely anything except for one role: “I hope I’m not the ticket taker!”


Jun 17
Casting Call and Hints Toward Angela Bassett’s Character

You might think you have an idea about what’s going on with Sarah Paulson’s role as conjoined twins Dot and Bette on the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Freak Show — but, surprise! You have no idea. We spoke with her at the opening night of the Public Theater’s free Shakespeare in the Park production of Much Ado About Nothing, where she remained contractually coy about Bette and Dot’s backstory, but revealed that the photo she shared on Twitter was actually a digital mock-up of a two-headed Lana Winters (her character from AHS’s season two, Asylum): “Everyone thinks that is the character of Dot and Bette in terms of the way I look — that’s just what the company came up with [to] digitally show the two heads to Ryan. They used a picture of me as Lana Winters because it was in the period. So that’s not what I’ll actually look like as Dot and Bette.”

How long did Paulson have to keep quiet about her new dual identities? “I’ve known about this since the middle of last season,” she admits. “I know how much people want to know and how much they actually like to be surprised, and I knew that I could never do anything until Ryan told me that I could and once I got the go-ahead.” Guess there are still some surprises to come. The big one being something Paulson herself isn’t even clued into yet: “I just don’t want to be the one who gets killed, you know?” Good luck, Sarah.

Jun 17
Sarah Paulson speaks a bit about Freak Show


TVLine posted today a tweet from Sarah Paulson confirming her character will be, well two characters. She’ll be taking on the dual roles of Bettie and Dot, conjoined twins. The provided photo is most definitely a mock-up featuring Paulson as Lana from Asylum, but it gives a great idea of what we’re gonna be dealing with this fall. 


Jun 12
Sarah Paulson to play conjoined twins on ‘Freak Show’
May 31


Music from AHS - Season 3

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